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Our adventures at Lake Garda

Almost one year ago, together with our tutors, we planned our last school trip and decided to travel to Tuscany. On September 4th, it was finally the day, when we started our special trip. It was a Sunday afternoon. We all came together, all four classes and were travelling with our two buses to Italy for 18 hours. Every day was a special day and we could tell you so many things about every single one of them, but we decided just to tell you all the important things about our favourite day. It was Thursday 8th, we had breakfast all together in our pretty hotel and after that we packed our suitcases and checked out of the hotel to hit the road to Lake Garda. It took us a little while to get there, but it was worth it. Our first impression was that the nature of Lake Garda was amazingly beautiful. Our teachers had a special surprise for us. They had planned a speed boat tour across Lake Garda, which was big fun. After the tour we had a lot of free time, in which almost everyone of us admired the unbelievably big ice scoops. Later in the day we went swimming in the lake, which was quite difficult because everyone had to struggle to stand straight because of the slippy stones, which were on the ground of the lake. Then our teachers had a second surprise for us. They rented tables for over 80 people and all of us ate together spaghetti and pizza. It was sad that we had to leave that place after such a short time and travelled back to our home country. But it was an unforgettable trip. A big thank you to all the teachers, who made this possible and had organized our study trip.

written by Jenni, Isi and Nora (12d)

September ,16th 2016

Our special lessons in Tuscany

What are you usually doing on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Most of you will relax or watch TV, but we started a big adventure to Italy.
After 18 hours of travelling by bus we, year 12 of Geschwister Scholl grammar school in Gardelegen, arrived in Marina di Pietraasanta close to Viareggio. Because of our exhausting journey, we had time on the beach all day and ate the typical Italian food for the first time. The pizza and noodles were very delicious. In the evening our whole year sat on the roof terrace of the hotel and we finished the evening together.
On the next day we visited Florence, there we had a look at Santa Groce, a famous church which was built in 1294. After lunch we had a guided city tour and learned a lot about this old and beautiful town. On this day it was very warm and downtown was completely full of tourists, like you can imagine. At the end of the day we went to Montecantini Terme, a historical, small village on a hill. For the last metres we used a funicular to reach our target. The view was breathtaking and the sunset was unique.


On Wednesday our group went to Pisa and we took a lot of funny pictures with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
In the afternoon the next stop was Lucca which is surrounded by a four-kilometre-long city wall. There we had a lot of free time for shopping, eating Pizza and to explore the city on our own. Because this was our last evening most of us were on the beach later to celebrate the 18th birthdays of two of us.



The next morning we checked out of our hotel, which had been good, and started a bus ride to Lake Garda. Our teachers had a big surprise for us because we had a speed boat trip on the lake. Then we had time again to go swimming and eating ice-cream, which is very tasty there.

Before we went home the whole year ate in an Italian restaurant together and took photos of the coast to remember this special trip.



written by Maja M., Milena S., Dan T. and Michel M. (12d)

September ,16th 2016